Legal name: Alexis Lund
Lunar is a digital illustrator based in the USA. She has created a children's book and currently is illustrating a manga and a short graphic novel. She likes working with supernatural, action, sci-fi, horror, and romance genres. In her spare time, she likes drinking coffee and listening to theology audiobooks.

Manga/graphic novels

See the process of manga/graphic novels.

visual development

The early stages of what goes into mangas and illustrations.

digital portraits

Hand-drawn, stylized portraits for people and pets.

manga/graphic novel

The first step is thumbnails when a have a script available. She prefers to offer at least two sketches of the same page to offer variety for clients.

The next step is editing and cleaning up the selected page.

Last step is adding color and text. She prefers to color and add text after finishing all the line work for a chapter or project.

visual development

It is easier to have some reference of what the main characters, environment, and props look like when illustrating mangas and graphic novels. She likes to present character designs or illustrations for clients for an idea of what the client likes and dislikes.

digital portraits